Dec. 5, 2019

Faculty of Nursing at UCalgary

If you're looking for a nursing program that combines hands-on learning, the option to study abroad, and undergraduate research opportunities, look no further than the University of Calgary's nursing program
Faculty of Nursing students
Faculty of Nursing at UCalgary

The Bachelor of Nursing program has an integrated curriculum where research professors and registered nurses (RN) teach the classroom and clinical experience. The course work includes lectures, hands-on learning in the Clinical Simulation Learning Centre (CSLC), as well as practicum placements in community care facilities.

The CSLC, which opened in 2009, sets a national standard for simulation research and education featuring 353 basic patient care environments, and serves more than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate nursing students. The faculty is also the only Canadian nursing faculty to have a dedicated simulation researcher, associate professor Sandra Goldsworthy. Her role is to examine job readiness and transition of new graduate students to practice and competency, and retention of critical care nurses.

While nursing students complete their undergraduate studies, they can also take advantage of the international exchange at the University of Calgary in Qatar. Senior nursing students have the opportunity to spend a month in Doha, Qatar, to complete clinical practicum hours at a health facility. An instructor from Calgary accompanies the students, and the faculty provides accommodation.

As a leading research-intensive nursing school, undergraduate students in the Faculty of Nursing have opportunities to be student research assistants, working with research teams that provide supervision and mentorship. The current research priorities for the faculty are advancing nursing education, child and family mental health, and living well with chronic illness.

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