Sept. 11, 2019

Eight rounds cleared for heart

Canadian Pacific initiative, Clear Rounds for Heart, results in $87K to support heart health at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute

Horse jumps during Clear Rounds for Heart competition 2018

Eight riders cleared their rounds at the Canadian Pacific (CP) International at Spruce Meadows on Sept. 8, resulting in an $87,640 donation to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute.

It’s the third year that the Libin Institute has been the recipient of CP’s Clear Rounds for Heart program – an initiative of the company’s community investment program, CP Has Heart. For each round cleared during The CP International at Spruce Meadows, the final competition of Master’s Week, the company donates $10,000 to support heart health initiatives.

The company donated another $20— for a total of $7,640— for every participant in the Superheroes for Heart Challenge, a set of family-friendly activities designed to educate participants about the importance of exercise and food choices in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

“Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world,” says Dr. Paul
Fedak, MD, PhD, director, Libin Institute and head, Department of Cardiac Sciences at the University of Calgary. “The Libin Institute enables cardiovascular health and wellness through innovative research, education and clinical care, and we rely on the suport of our community to help us reach that goal. We are proud and honored for Canadian Pacific’s continued support of our mission.”

This year’s funds will be directed towards precision medicine initiatives within the institute.

The goal of precision medicine is to provide the right patient with the right treatment at the right time. To meet that goal, researchers at the Libin Institute are using high-quality data to create computer models capable of predicting outcomes for individual patients. The models can be used to help physicians make decisions in real time.  

For example, Dr. Matthew James was instrumental in creating a computer program that predicts how well patients will react to contrast dye used in routine imaging tests, which can be damaging to kidneys. The program was created using a database of information gathered from thousands of patients and is now used in the clinic to help care providers make decisions and customize treatment to protect individuals from kidney damage.

The Clear Rounds for Heart program has resulted in more than $576,000 donated to the Libin Institute since 2014. The funds have helped fund several projects such as the Libin’s new Women’s Cardiovascular Health Initiative, CV&Me, which is tackling the unique issue women face when it comes to cardiovascular health.

"CP is proud to support world-leading research, education and equipment right here in our home city with the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta,” said Senior Vice-President Strategic Planning & Technology James Clements. “Through our sponsorship with Spruce Meadows, we're able to shine a spotlight on local heart charities that make a big impact in their communities."

CP developed its CP Has Heart program in 2014. The program focuses on improving heart health in communities across North America. Since 2014 the company has helped raise more than $19 million to help improve the heart health of men, women and children across North America.

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta is an entity of the University of Calgary and Alberta Health Services. Its members coordinate all cardiovascular research, education and health care in Southern Alberta and beyond.

CP Has Heart activityCP Has Heart activity