Nov. 6, 2023

Draft UCalgary Academic, Research, Community and Operations plans released for feedback

3-year implementation plans outline how the university will work toward goals set out in Ahead of Tomorrow strategic plan
Ahead of Tomorrow operations

Following the approval of the University of Calgary’s strategic plan, Ahead of Tomorrow, the university has released four draft plans that set out supporting activities that will occur from 2024-27.

Joining drafts of new Academic and Research Plans are, for the first time, Community and Operations Plans. Community members are being asked by drafters to provide feedback on this new four-plan set by Jan. 5, 2024. Feedback can be given online by survey, in person or via Zoom at a feedback session, or through faculty and group sessions that will be running during November and December.

These implementation plans expand on how the university will deliver approved initiatives, meet set goals and provide a road map of enabling activities that will occur to deliver on Ahead of Tomorrow.

These plans “capture the passions, talents and potential of a university and broader community that see the future not as something that happens to us, but as something we have the power to shape,” says UCalgary President Ed McCauley.

The plans can be found here

Academic innovation

UCalgary's Academic Plan aims to educate transformative leaders by enhancing access to forward-looking education, supporting students and enhancing the student experience. It includes how the university will approach Ahead of Tomorrow’s initiatives such as the first-in-family financial support, increasing graduating student funding, and expanding entrepreneurial and critical thinking activity within research and scholarship.

Research and innovation

The Research Plan aims to foster transdisciplinary collaborations and scholarship, encouraging initiative and resourcefulness within UCalgary’s research community. It includes how the university will approach Ahead of Tomorrow’s objectives such as marshalling university energy from across disciplines toward grand societal challenges, embedding research opportunities more deeply into the undergraduate experience and fostering an innovation ecosystem that already sparks the most startups of any Canadian university.


The Community Plan seeks to improve UCalgary’s local relevance by locating community at the centre of university initiatives. It includes how the university will approach Ahead of Tomorrow’s goal of enhanced community relevance and initiatives that expand university participation and engagement with the communities we serve.


The goal of the Operations Plan is to make it easier to set ideas in motion at UCalgary than any other university. It includes how the university will approach Ahead of Tomorrow’s objectives such as leading the U15 group of research universities in professional-development investment and improving processes for our university community and giving our community the tools and services they require.

Welcoming your feedback

The voices of students, postdocs, faculty and staff play a critical role in the success of our university. Access the detailed operational plans and share your insights through a survey or feedback session here.

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