Congratulations to our exceptional HBI, Mathison Centre and ACHRI researchers and trainees

Congrats as well to our researchers for their recent publications

Canadian Institutes of Health Research 

CIHR Fall 2019 Project Grant competition

  • Dr. Deborah Dewey, PhDPrenatal exposure to chemicals in plastics can cause epigenetic variation in genes associated with neurodevelopment in girls and boys 
  • Dr. Matthew Hill, PhDEndocannabinoid regulation of stress responsive neural circuits
  • Dr. Melanie Noel, PhDElucidating the role of memory in the transition from acute to chronic pediatric pain
  • Dr. Roger Thompson, PhD (two grants): Pannexin-1 opening in neurons: mechanisms of intrinsic neuroprotection and Mechanisms of suppression of excitotoxicity by endogenous amyloid beta
  • Dr. Tuan Trang, PhDCentral mechanisms of opioid withdrawal
  • Dr. Ray Turner, PhDThe molecular choreography of ion channel expression
  • Dr. Yunyan Zhang, PhDPrediction of multiple sclerosis disability worsening scores using multi-stream deep learning

CIHR Network Catalyst Grant

  • Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos, PhDTowards a pan-Canadian network for integrating research evaluation and knowledge translation in youth mental health services, led by Access Open Minds based at McGill University
  • Dr. Keith Yeates, PhDEstablishment of the Canadian Concussion Network 

CIHR Early Career Investigators in Maternal, Reproductive, Child & Youth Health award

  • Dr. Daniel Kopala-Sibley, PhDIdentifying premorbid environmental and neural markers of risk for first lifetime onsets of depressive and anxiety disorders in high-risk youth 

Congrats as well to our researchers for their recent publications