June 22, 2020

Congratulations to Ganna, Alba, Nella and Abigail

LLAC graduate students celebrate successful milestones

Please join us in congratulating the below graduate students in Languages, Literatures and Cultures, as we celebrate their successful milestones. 

On June 17, PhD student (French) Ganna Pletnyova successfully defended her thesis Idéologies linguistiques à L’Est de l’Ukraine à la suite du conflit russo-ukrainien de 2014 : Représentations sociolinguistiques et choix de code intergroupes dans la ville de Kharkiv., which examines the ways in which Ukrainians carry out their language choice. Our heartiest congratulations go to Ganna and supervisor Ozouf Amedegnato, and our thanks to Elena Bratishenko and Rahat Zaidi (supervisory committee members), to Darin Flynn and Elisabeth Le (examiners) and to Cheryl Dueck (Neutral Chair). Earlier this year, Ganna received the Taylor Institute Teaching Award (Graduate Assistant).  Поздравляем! Félicitations! 


On May 21, 2020, PhD student (Applied Linguistics) Alba Fano Trabanco passed her Oral Field of Studies Examination. Alba’s written and oral FoS exams focus on contemplative pedagogy; the L2 learner’s inner world; and the L2 teacher’s inner world and interaction with the L2 learner. We express our gratitude to our colleagues for their work with Alba towards her milestone: Mary O’Brien (Supervisor); Angela George (Co-Supervisor); Veronika Bohac-Clarke and Roswita Dressler (Supervisory Committee Members); Rachel Friedman and Maren Aukerman (Examiners); Cornelia Burian and Mushegh Asatryan (Neutral Chairs).


On May 22, 2020, PhD Student (Transcultural Studies) Nella Darbouze-Bonyème passed her Oral Field of Studies Examination. Nella’s written and oral exams centre on race, slavery, and postcolonialism; narrative theory; and European and North American revenge fiction. We thank our colleagues for supporting Nella towards this important accomplishment: Martin Wagner (Supervisor), Karen Bourrier and Mary Nyquist (Supervisory Committee Members), Mushegh Asatryan and Jewel Spangler (Examiners); and Mary O’Brien (Neutral Chair).


On May 27, 2020, MA student (Applied Linguistics) Abigail Williams successfully defended her thesis In the space between languages, translanguaging practices and perceptions in the university Spanish classroom, which examines the ways in which university students and teachers of Spanish engage with other languages. Our heartiest congratulations go to Abigail and supervisor Angela George, and our thanks to Mary O’Brien and Roswita Dressler (examiners), and to Martin Wagner (Neutral Chair).