Nov. 13, 2019

Choosing a post-secondary institution

Choosing a post-secondary institution can be a difficult decision. One of the most common questions our recruitment team receives from prospective students is why UCalgary is their best choice. As our recruiters explain, the best choice for any student depends on what factors are most important to them.

To help you determine the institution that fits you best, we wanted to share a few common factors our advisors recommend students consider:

  • Location: This often-overlooked factor is extremely important. Where you choose to live and study will have a huge impact on this next chapter of your life  and it’s also the most likely place you will work following graduation. To learn more about why Calgary could be your choice city, click here.
  • Program availability: It’s easy to compare what programs institutions offer by exploring their websites, but we also recommend connecting directly with recruitment advisors for additional questions. They can answer questions about careers that don’t necessarily have a defined program. One example is a career in forensics; a UCalgary advisor could recommend that you can pursue this career with a degree in chemistry and specialized electives in sociology, psychology, and law and society.
  • Cost and funding: In addition to tuition costs, it’s important to also consider other costs such as student service fees, health and dental plans, and transit costs.  UCalgary provides a cost-calculator tool to help you better understand your total costs. However, when you’re researching the real cost of different institutions, don’t forget to factor in possible sources of funding. We recommend exploring our awards website, connecting with a dedicated loan advisor, or checking out our two-part podcast called Beyond the Bank of Mom and Dad (episodes 3-4) to learn more.
  • Opportunities outside of the classroom: Outside of your academics, post-secondary institutions offer many ways to enhance your university experience. Popular examples our recruiters like to highlight to prospective students are our 343 student clubs, our 50 intramural sport options including the ability to skate on the fastest ice surface on the planet at our Olympic Oval, and the 200+ opportunities to internationalize your degree through our group study, exchange, or international internship programs. Looking for a unique UCalgary opportunity? Check out the Semester at Sea option for our Haskayne School of Business students.
  • Career outcomes: Although it is impossible for any post-secondary institution to guarantee employment after graduation, it is important to understand the career pathways and potential outcomes each degree has to offer. At UCalgary, we are pleased to highlight our 94.1% after-graduation employment rate. UCalgary’s Career Services Degree Profiles can also help you understand potential career outcomes for different degrees.

Want to see it for yourself? Join us for a campus tour or see our campus through a virtual tour.

Do you have additional questions? Connect with the UCalgary Recruitment Advisor who specializes in supporting students from your province or country.