April 28, 2021

Arthur Korpach concludes his two-year term as Jarislowsky Fellow in Business Management

CCAL interviews Arthur Korpach to learn more about his experience
Arthur Korpach

Arthur Korpach took on the role of Jarislowsky Fellow in Business Management in September 2019 and during his two years was instrumental in co-hosting many events where he called upon his diverse network of leaders and expertise to create opportunities for MBA students to hone their leadership skills and broaden their horizons. Art had this unique ability of driving conversations with students and engaging them on a variety of topics relevant to the ever-changing business landscape. During his term, Art co-hosted two Jarislowsky Dinner and Discussions at the downtown Petroleum Club, the Jarislowsky Opening Reception at Studio Bell and hosted a finance workshop.

Once the pandemic forced all events to transition to an online format, Art was quick to adapt to the situation and organized a webinar on opportunities and challenges in a COVID-19 World. As events continued to be online, Art helped organize many events with his Jarislowsky Co-fellow like the webinar with Mr. Stephen Jarislowsky, discussion with students on corporate governance, webinar with Josh Simair, webinar with Dr. Deena Hinshaw and a Jarislowsky Virtual Discussion. The two main themes during his term were ‘The Future of Alberta’ and ‘Leadership in times of Crisis’, both of which received great interest from Haskayne MBA and EMBA students.

Below is our interview with Art to learn more about his experience as a Jarislowsky Fellow at the Haskayne School of Business.

What motivated you to participate in the Jarislowsky Fellowship? The opportunity to spend time with MBA students in a university setting, especially at the Haskayne School of Business, was very appealing. I saw it as an opportunity to help connect the students with our broader community, to hopefully add to their learnings and to better understand how our young leaders of tomorrow are thinking about business and the critical societal issues of our time. 

What were some of your key takeaways from your time as a Jarislowsky co-fellow? One key takeaway is that the over 400 MBA students comprised a very diverse and talented group. I enjoyed their interest, passion, and curiosity during our many interactions. I also appreciated their practical sense for business and feel confident that our future is in good hands with them as leaders.

A highlight of my time was the event with Mr. Dick Haskayne and Mr. Stephen Jarislowsky. The dialogue and advice provided was amazing and was delivered in a direct manner. A second highlight for me was the time spent in a case study class setting with some of the MBA students, where we were able to facilitate significant discussion and challenge of ideas.

What is one piece of advice you have for students as they take on leadership roles? I would advise them to stay true to their principles and not be pressured to conform against their beliefs. I encourage the students to apply their critical thinking skills, to always ask many questions, to continuously seek information and understanding, and to challenge the narrative du jour, as history has shown how it is often misguided. To follow this path will require strength, courage and conviction, but know that your contribution to society will be great.

Do you have any overall comments from your two-year term that you would like to share? I wish to thank the University and Haskayne School of Business and the Jarislowsky Foundation for the opportunity of being a co-fellow.  It has been an honor and a wonderful experience. My co-fellows over the two years (Catherine Bell and Heather Culbert) were an inspiration and it was a joy to work with them. The team behind the program was very talented and collegial. Your friendship and support were much appreciated.

I hope that the COVID-19 pandemic subsides quickly and that the program can return to in-person events to allow for the opportunity for deeper dialogue and networking. I wish all the MBA students much success and happiness in their futures and thank you for our time together.  I truly enjoyed it.

The Jarislowsky Fellowship is one of the programs delivered through the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business within Haskayne. It was created thanks to a gift from the Jarislowsky Foundation and was designed to enhance students’ experiences by connecting them with accomplished leaders. Since the fellowship was founded in 2006, there have been 14 executives who have shared their expertise and connections with students at the Haskayne School of Business.

You can read more about the Jarislowsky Fellowship in Business Management here.

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