Orientation Leaders pose for a photo together
Erin Wallace

Apply to be an Orientation Leader

Upper-year students are invited to volunteer as Orientation Leaders and help to welcome new students during Fall Orientation

Weeks before submitting their first assignment and just days before they’re hunting high and low for that first 8 a.m. class, new students are going to find themselves among a group of their peers at Fall Orientation.

There is a good chance that these new students will have questions about how to get to class, which are the best places to eat in Mac Hall, how to use their Unicard, and most of all, what are the best ways to meet other students.

If only there was an upper-level student who could guide them - somebody charismatic, friendly and eager to meet and talk with new students. Who could the orientation team recruit for such a task?

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re talking about you.

You should absolutely consider applying to join hundreds of other current students who will become Orientation Leaders this fall. Help new students to situate themselves in the UCalgary campus community by registering today.

Orientation Leaders play games with new students

What does an Orientation Leader do?

Orientation Leaders are ambassadors for the student experience on campus and play an important role in introducing new to UCalgary students to information about student clubs, health and wellness services, extra-curricular opportunities and more during their first week.

In addition, Orientation Leaders also play an important role when it comes to teaching students about what it’s like to belong to their faculty. Whether it’s Arts, Sciences, Engineering or Open Studies, having the chance to talk to another student face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) about what it’s like to study in the field is a very valuable experience.  

Position details:

As an Orientation Leader, you will be expected to attend scheduled training sessions in late August (dates TBA) and participate in a full day of scheduled tours and activities during Fall Orientation on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. We are seeking to fill up to 350 Orientation Leader positions. Applications are now open for a limited time. 

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