April 17, 2024

The Animal Kinship Project – a glimpse into the world of animals through music

Classics and Religion instructor Dr. Craig Ginn draws attention to Indigenous histories and worldviews through music
Spirit to Be, Craig Ginn, University of Calgary
Spirit to Be, Craig Ginn Paul Souders

Spirit to Be, the latest album by Métis musician and Associate Professor of Classics and Religion, Dr. Craig Ginn, PhD, is now available and is free to listen and download as an open-access educational resource.

Also serving as the Director of the University of Calgary's International Indigenous Studies, Dr. Ginn's original songs draw attention to Indigenous histories and worldviews. The collection of 10 original songs were composed for the Animal Kinship Project which has received funding from Evolve to Innovate and the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. The Animal Kinship Project is a collection of songs and videos that honour the impact and presence of animals, highlighting Indigenous understandings of relationality with animals. Two songs address the historical slaughters of animals, the plains bison in the late-19th century and Inuit sled dogs from 1950-1975.

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